the three-leaf clover

June 25, 2022

We often focus on the extraordinary
Even the non-existent in reality
That we overlooked the ordinary
And neglect its natural beauty

Just like a three-leaf clover
Simple yet beautiful in its order
Covering land to make it greener
Giving life to the scorching Summer

People say four-leaf clover gives luck
So everyone tries to find it without slack
Only to be disappointed for continuous lack
Because life remains feeling stuck

I myself don’t believe in luck
For I know God has my back
Every blessing that I have had
Came from Him, there is no doubt


I decided to Live as Me

by: Soo-Hyun Kim

*here are the few words that struck me the most while reading this beautiful book

Even though it’s not our fault, surrendering to injustice more than the injustice itself is the real fatal blow to one’s self-esteem.

In the book ‘Ways to Make Yourself Miserable’, it says that the easiest way to feel miserable is by taking a peek at the lives of others and comparing them to yours.

True value isn’t measured in numbers.

We sometimes meet people who misinterpret, distort, and criticize our intentions.

People humiliate others to validate their existence and compensate for their feelings of inferiority with this taste of superiority. It’s pathetic.

Even if we don’t become what we expect to become, even if we have to bear the feeling of being insignificant, we should face our true selves, and not make excuses.

The essence of self-esteem is self-trust, self-respect, and believing that you deserve happiness.

People who suppress their desires in order to do what they have to do lose the sense of what they like, what they want, and eventually, who they are.

If you chase external values without looking at your inner self, you’ll always live with comparisons and never reach real happiness and self-respect.

For individuals to live a life with self-respect, it’s important to understand their talents and choose a job where you can apply them.

The essence of life is uncertainty.

It’s okay to be selfish and somehow irresponsible. There’s nothing more irresponsible than abandoning yourself until you are suffocated with responsibilities.

People who will exploit our anxiety to earn a profit are everywhere and we can be easily lured. Therefore, stop doing your best anxiously only to prove yourself or to conform to the crowd.

You don’t live to be understood by these narrow-minded people, and your life is yours alone.



November 2021

No matter how much you hide
I can see all of you in my naked eyes
Your bruises and past hurts
Your madness and all outbursts

You try to fight your bad thoughts alone
And grasp all ugly truths on your own
Persevere and work hard in solitude
Now everyone praises you with gratitude

Now you are stronger and happier
Became more honest with yourself
Celebrated life’s ups and downs
Knowing life has great lessons surrounds


Band-Aids for Broken Dreams

Disclaimer: This is a BTS fanfiction and one of my favorite stories from @kyrifics(kyra). I really like the way she writes. Here’s the link you if want to read: Band-Aid for Broken Dreams

As Socrates once said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”.

Isn’t that human nature? We take what liberty we have. We cling onto whatever lifeboat we can grab in the midst of a sea storm.

Maybe we don’t miss people simply because they’re absent , but rather the opposite. Maybe we miss people because we always carry them in our memories like an extra heart; present even when they’re not.

“I used to think I knew who I was and what my dream was, but somewhere along the way I guess I lost sight of it. So I came here to find myself, but instead I just…”
Broke myself.
“Lost myself,”

“We make decisions, yeah- some good, others terrible. Do you regret yours?”
“If you don’t, then that means somewhere deep down inside, you’re still holding out hope that things will work out,” Yoongi says sternly.
“Think of it as a journey, Jimin, not a destination. Yes you’ll be miserable at times, but it will pass.”

So cry. Cry now so that when tomorrow comes, you’re back on your A game again.

“Is happiness the absence of sadness? I think happiness is amplified by sadness. After all, how do you learn the value of good moments if you don’t know what it’s like to be without them?”

‘Why does love hurt?’ I don’t exactly agree that love hurts. Loneliness hurts. Rejection and disappointment hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. But love, in its purest form… i don’t think it’s capable of hurting. Only people are.

Finding your right people and your home is like a jigsaw puzzle game. Takes a while to fit the pieces together.

Things happen for a reason. I don’t want to worry or be anxious about things I can’t control anymore. Whatever happens will happen whether I like it or not. I can’t break down over every single thing that doesn’t go my way.


Almond (Won-Pyung Sohn)

*I love taking down notes of lines/paragraphs that struck me whenever I read a book. And here’s my take home from the book “Almond” by Won-Pyung Sohn

I have almonds inside me.
So do you.
So those you love and those you hate.
No one can feel them.
You just know they are there.
This story is, in short, about a monster meeting another monster. One of the monsters is me.

Books took me to places I could never go otherwise. They shared the confessions of people I’d never met and lives I’d never witnessed. The emotions I could never feel, and the events I hadn’t experienced could all be found in those volumes. They were completely different by nature from TV shows or movies.

The worlds of movies, soap operas, or cartoons were already so meticulous that there were no blanks left for me to fill in. There was nothing left for me to change in that world.

But books were different. They had lots of blanks. Blanks between words and even between lines. I could squeeze myself in there and sit, or walk, or scribble down my thoughts. It didn’t matter if I had no idea what the words meant. Turning the pages was half the battles.

Once you repeat the same word over and over, there comes a time when its meaning fades.

“Anything will lose its meaning if you repeat it often enough,” she said. “At first you feel you are getting the hang of it, but then as time goes by, you feel like the meaning’s changing and becoming tarnished. Then, finally, it gets lost. Completely fades to white.”

I guess sometimes ambiance can give you appetite more than the actual taste does.

It’s good to help others if there’s no harm.

There is no such person who can’t be saved. There are only people who give up on trying to save others.

Anyway, this sounds like cliche but you’ll eventually meet the people who you’re meant to meet, no matter what happens. Time will tell if your relationship with him is meant to be.

It’s better to try than do nothing.

When sadness and disappointment get out of control, and there is no solution, people start thinking bad thoughts.


i am 28

July 1, 2020

One thing I realized in this lifetime
Inner battle is the hardest to fight
And you cannot win this battle alone
So surround yourself with fighters like you
In the past, I felt like I keep on running in an endless road
But I suddenly got tired and came to a halt
And I thought: If I really need to get back on track
I need to first seek and reached out to God
At 28, I'm still trying to figure out my own self
What are my dreams and my motivations?
What do I want to do? Where do I want to be?
I promise back then that I'll be more honest with myself
These days, I'm slowly learning how to be me
By soaking myself in books of self-discovery
Spending time with my kindred spirits
And most of all, listening to the shout of the voice within me

a broken soul’s lament

June 23, 2020

The ghost of the past sometimes lingers
I was slowly drifting away but no one reached out
The people I trust and look up seemed not to care
And so I stopped coming and going for a while
I was afraid to face other people
I was afraid to be judged by them
I was afraid that I will never find the right words to say
And then I stopped being available
I was anxious that no one reached out
No one even noticed that I was drifting away
And I began to think that they were all selfish
And did not really care about other's sufferings
But sometimes I think it was also my mistakes
For not being open with them
But I was still young and vulnerable
And always felt like a lost soul in this realm
Their self-righteousness and my immaturity
I started to blame everything around me
From being hurt to having no care anymore
A lament of a numb heart of a once broken soul